The Masters of Strategic Messaging

Messages that make you think

Cultivate Communications wanted a customer premium that promoted the agency’s creative abilities.  This note pad was printed and die-cut to look and feel like a cocktail napkin, complete with wine glass stain. “Some of the most inventive ideas begin on a cocktail napkin”

Getting Personal

Grunau Fire Protection sells commercial fire sprinkler systems and they wanted to reach out and touch customers with something different.  Using a stock box and digitally printed insert, this simple, yet effective dimensional piece included two batteries and was sent during National Fire Protection Month. Based on the phone calls, it worked with their customers.

Slide Open and Engage

Rytec, a major maker of retractable doors for auto dealerships was exhibiting at a trade show. Their pre-show effort included a dimensional mail piece we designed with sliding door that revealed their key message when the reader pulled the door slider. Dimensional mail is an effective way to cut through the clutter and engage prospects.