The Masters of Strategic Messaging


It's a nice place to be inside the mind of your customer

You have just seconds to influence the way people think about you and start building value in their minds. It takes a clear, relevant message that resonates to do that with any lasting effect.

Creating RELEVANCY- it’s what we’re all about.

We can help you go to market with messaging that’s inventive, meaningful, memorable and above all compelling.


Our Secret Sauce

Relevant messaging begins with crawling inside the mind of your customer.

Deciphering the way your customer thinks and feels about your brand helps determine what’s really important to them.

Our Keystone Report provides you with deep customer perceptions, management and staff perspectives as well as a marketer’s look at what your competition is doing. Together with our pithy analysis, the report provides a guide path to making your messaging more meaningful.

We get paid for the words we choose.

Here’s how we can make a difference in your business:
  • The Keystone Report- our deep dive into customer perceptions.
  • Brand messaging development that will make you more MEANINGFUL.
  • Creative development that puts distance between you and the next guy.
  • “Loading the Lips” of your sales staff so they always create value when they open their mouths (see Schpangle©)
  • Increase lead conversions with Faster Through the Funnel© our program for nurturing prospects into customers.
  • Direct marketing concepting, copywriting and development - the whole enchilada. Check out our Stuff
  • Content marketing strategy and asset development – we make the process of becoming a THOUGHT LEADER painless.