The Masters of Strategic Messaging

His first brush with the law

Johnathan Crawford’s first brush with the law was when the Federal Communication Commission issued him a citation for operating an illegal “pirate” radio station in his hometown of Cincinnati. He was just 15 and deep into electronics, rock and roll and most importantly the magic of radio. It was the beginning of a 25-year career in commercial, legal, radio broadcasting that eventually transitioned to Internet marketing and his own company, Data Dog Interactive. At Data Dog he combined his experience creating and copywriting “theater of the mind” radio ads with his newfound love of email marketing. The result was a company with a lot of creative attitude that pioneered and perfected several lead generation tactics commonly used today. His career continued in the agency world where he became a creative director overseeing the output of a B2B agency, Cultivate Communications, in Milwaukee.The big take away for Crawford was his understanding of how to influence the way people think and feel through marketing. His skills focus on defining how a business can best tell its story with an effective outcome. That is the story behind Mister Message.