The Masters of Strategic Messaging

Make It Interesting, Make It Memorable

River Run’s goal as an IT provider was to stand out and be remembered. Again, a metaphor image helped to communicate their two key strengths as well as make their sell sheet interesting. Backsides were personalized for the individual sales reps.

A Deeply Appreciated Approach

The secret to this consulting firm’s success is their ability to do in-depth analysis of their customers’ businesses before they offer solutions. Their deep dive approach resonated with customers and transferred nicely to an interesting, eye catching trade show advertisement. Totally different from their competition.

Selling The Invisible

Selling IT services is tough because it’s an intangible. We created sell sheets for SWICK Technologies using a metaphor to get their point across while also differentiating them from their competitors. The backsides had the technical details. Do your sell sheets stick-out on your customer’s desk top?